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The Lapis Lazuli

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Today the bloggers of Duarte want to talk about the natural stones used in jewelry.

Natural stones: Lapis Lazuli

Surely you have ever seen jewelry with natural stones; the bloggers of want to show you some of them. Today we are going to know some things about a particular natural stone, lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli is a semiprecious stone composed of several minerals that cause its characteristic colors; the lazurite, the calcium silicate that gives it its characteristic blue color, the calcite and wollastonite that are the cause of the gray and white veins of lapis lazuli, and also the pyrite that is the cause of golden betas and reflections.

Where does his name come from? : It is composed of the union of two words: Lapis (which in Latin means stone) and Lazuli (which in Latin means blue).

The main deposits of lapis lazuli came from Afghans, Chile, Canada, Pakistan, Angola and Germany; but there were many more scattered around the planet.

It is a stone that has been very important throughout history and that has been highly valued by ancient civilizations that looked for deposits of this mineral to exploit them and use them to make jewelery, amulets, clothes, medicines and even for paintings by important painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Egyptian people used lapis lazuli a lot because it was considered a symbol of good luck and like the Greeks and Romans, they thought that this magnificent stone had a divine force; for which reason they used much lapis lazuli for religious ceremonies, sarcophagi, funeral masks, jewels, talismans, amulets, even crushing stones and using lapis lazuli powder as medicines.

In the Middle Ages it was very popular among the painters and dressmakers who used the blue pigment of lapis lazuli in clothes and paintings, causing the mineral to cost more in the market than gold, which is why lapis lazuli was only available to the public. high social classes.

The Buddhists also valued this stone very much and considered it sacred, and in India today, lapis lazuli necklaces with gold thread are still used in children to be healthy, protected and have good growth.

As to most stones; also at present, spiritual and healing properties are attributed to them. In theory, in contact with the body, lapis lazuli fosters goodness, calmness, self-confidence, prevents insomnia and migraines, stress and many other healing properties.

It is also used as an amulet for love as it strengthens relationships between lovers and even friends. It is also a good amulet to prevent bad energies from reaching you.

As we always say the bloggers of Duarte, believe it or not, in the properties that may have natural stones; in you can acquire a jewel with lapis lazuli, because if you are a believer you will have many spiritual benefits and materials, and if you are not, they are very appreciated jewels that can be worn at any time. ;)

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