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The Amethyst

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Today the bloggers of Duarte want to talk to you about the natural stones used in jewelry.

Natural stones: The Amethyst

Surely you have ever seen jewelry with natural stones; the bloggers of want to show you some of them. Today we are going to know some things about a particular natural stone, the amethyst.

Amethyst is a variety of violet quartz. Its purple color can be more or less intense depending on the amount of iron oxide it contains in its composition. As in almost all stones, their value depends on their purity, brightness and color; so the darker an amethyst is, the greater its value.

Its name comes from the Greek term amethystos, which means 'sober'. In ancient Greece it was believed that amethyst was a powerful antidote against drunkenness due to the Greek legend of the wine god Dionysus and the maid Amethystos.

This legend tells that the god of wine fell in love with the maid Amethystos, who wished to remain chaste. Amethystos asked the goddess Artemis to protect her, which is why the goddess turned her into a white rock. When Dionisio saw the maiden turned into a rock, he could not help crying, pouring the wine glass he had in his hand over it, causing the rock to acquire the purple color of the amethyst.

Since then it was believed that drinking in glasses made with this stone avoided getting drunk and allowed to remain sober to anyone who used this type of glasses. In addition the legend also caused that the amethyst was considered like the stone of the chastity reason why during the Average Age all the jewels of the bishops and cardinals were realized with amethysts.

Thus the amethyst became throughout history a symbol of chastity and wisdom becoming one of the most valued minerals in jewelry.

In addition to its value for jewelry, amethysts have spiritual values that are even used by many to eliminate physical and psychological discomforts.

It is said of the amethysts that they are stones that transmit positive energies, which is why they are widely used as amulets and in meditation techniques.

If you suffer from stress, headaches, migraines or insomnia, an amethyst stone can help you feel better. It is said that having an amethyst in contact with your skin reduces these pains; also if you sleep with her under your pillow insomnia and nightmares disappear progressively.

As for spiritual matters, it is said that the amethyst is a protective stone that prevents negative energies from reaching you; This is why many people place an amethyst stone in their house to absorb these bad energies and transform them into positive energies.

Therefore, believe or not, in the properties that natural stones may have, in you can acquire a gem with amethyst stone, because if you are a believer you will have a lot of spiritual benefits, and in case If you are not, jewelry with amethysts are valued jewels that you can wear at any time. ;)

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