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Celtic pendant, spiral, fire enamel and sterling silver.

Pendant, Celtic spiral

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Celtic spiral-shaped pendant in sterling silver and fire enamel.

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Celtic pendant made of sterling silver (925) with a spiral shape. The pendant includes a sterling silver chain, 45 cm long.

Length: 3.4 cm
Width: 2.7 cm
Metal: Sterling Silver (925mm)
Colors: Fire enamel
Made in Spain.

Spiral Meaning:

The simple spiral is one of the oldest symbols that exist in Celtic culture. It symbolizes the concept of growth, vital force, expansion and reincarnation, being used as a representation of time and the movement of the stars, even being used in primitive calendars, surprisingly exact for the time.

Celtic spirals used on scrolls.
This symbol was also used to represent the sun in its maximum expression, sometimes referring to solar eclipses. For the Celts, this symbol had neither beginning nor end, which meant that one cycle always began when another ended, thus symbolizing eternal life, which is why its presence in burial mounds was very frequent.

It is no coincidence, then, that the Celts represented the stars as spirals around the same nucleus (which for them was the location of the sky), forming a spiral trajectory in which the souls ascended towards their future life. It is curious that this symbol also appears in other cultures such as the Hindu, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Hincas ... representing different concepts depending on the civilization.

A spiral to the right, that is, turning clockwise, symbolizes the shrinking winter sun. It is said that this type of spiral was used to invoke the element of water or mark drinking fountains and was a symbol of good luck since it represented balance, the harmony of the sun with the earth.

A spiral to the left, that is, rotating in the counterclockwise direction, symbolizes the rising summer sun.

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