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 Pendant hand of fatima

Pendant hand of fatima

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Colgante mano de fátima en plata de ley, con piedra en tono amatista.

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Original pendant hand of Fatima, made in sterling silver (925mm) and a nice stone amethyst tone. Ideal gift for women of all ages.

Length: 2.8 cm
Width: 1.6 cm

Meaning Hand of Fatima or Hamsa

Represents blessings, power and strength, and protection against the evil eye and generally is considered a protective amulet. It is a subject that is usually found in jewelry, made of gold and silver. Sometimes it was made in red and stood in doorways to protect homes and families. Five is associated with good luck for the Arab people and especially for the Berber number. The five fingers of Jamsa have the power to protect.

Why it is also called "Hand of Fatima" and what meaning does it have? The Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, had a daughter, the beautiful and virtuous Fatima, which Muslims venerate with great devotion.

The story goes that once Fatima was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner when her husband, Ali, arrived unexpectedly. Hearing this, Fatima abandoned their chores and went to meet him. However, it was sadly disappointed when her husband arrived accompanied by a beautiful young concubine. Prudente, Fatima was silent and tormented by jealousy, he returned to the kitchen. But, immersed in dark and sad thoughts, he paid no attention to what I was doing: I had a pot on the fire with boiling broth and, closer to his sorrow that his work reached inside and began to stir the stew. So engrossed was he felt no pain, but Ali saw what he was doing and, horrified, pounced on her, shouting. It was there that she realized that was burning his hand and took the pot.

Since then "hand of Fatima" became an important symbol in the Muslim world. It brings good luck and gives the virtues of patience, fidelity and fertility, besides its power of protection, especially for pregnant women, for their protection in the array.


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