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Fatima hand choker

Fatima hand choker

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Choker with hand of Fatima, in sterling silver.

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Elegant choker, shaped like a Fatima hand, made of sterling silver and white zirconia. Bright silver finish.

Length: 2,2 cm
Width: 1.7 cm
Chain: Adjustable from 44 cm to 39 cm

What is the hand of Fatima?

The Hand of Fatima (Khamsa) is a hand-shaped symbol, considered from ancient times as a potent talisman in the Arab (non-Islamic) world and used to protect itself from misfortune in general and the evil eye in particular . Its use is usually in women. They say that ... .. "you can not buy for yourself, it should be a gift".

This "protection" is based on the legend in which it is said that Fatima (the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be with him) in her house preparing dinner for her husband Ali, came this with his second Woman unexpectedly. Fatima was so shocked that she dropped her hand into a pot of boiling oil (they say she felt jealous). As a result she was crippled for life and her father chose the symbol of his hand to immortalize that event.

The 5 fingers of this hand-shaped symbol represent the 5 pillars of the Muslim religion (La shahada or profession of faith (شهادة [šahāda]), prayer or azalá (صلاة [ṣalāt] 5 times a day, alms or azaque زكاة [zakāt], fasting or sawm (صوم [ṣawm]) in the holy month of Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in life).

In some countries it is called the hand of Fatima and sometimes the eye of Fatima, because some versions of the symbol include an eye. The Jews, on the other hand, often call it the hand of Miriam (sister of Moses and Aaron) or hand five.

Despite the relationship between the five fingers of the hand and the five pillars of Islam and the fact that the Jews do with the five books of the Torah, it must be made clear that this symbol, however, has no relation to Islam.

In fact, a strict interpretation would discourage its use, despite its widespread use in the Arab world, since the Koran prohibits amulets and superstition in general.

The most widespread form of the symbol is that of a symmetrical hand: the middle finger at the center, at its sides the annulus and the index, a little shorter than the heart and equal to each other, and at the ends two thumbs, Same size and somewhat curved outward. It sometimes contains other symbols, such as religious inscriptions, stars of David, eyes and other elements intended to increase its power.

It is very common to find it at the doors of houses, especially in Morocco, painted hung or in the form of a caller, as it was said at the beginning, for the protection of the home where they are.

Already in our beloved Alhambra of Granada, the Arabs used it in the emblematic door of Justice. And because of these our Arab roots, it is assumed that in Spain must be so widespread the use of these hands of Fatima as callers in the houses, despite the fact that over the years has forgotten its origin and meaning.


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