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Bracelet, adjustable infinity symbol

Bracelet, adjustable infinity symbol

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Adjustable bracelet with the symbol of infinity in sterling silver.

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Adjustable bracelet with the symbol of infinity, made of sterling silver and black braided nylon. Would you like in another color? Contact us and we will prepare it for you.

Measure: Ajustable.
Measure reason:
Length: 3cm
Width: 1cm
Color: Black (Available in more colors)

The concept of infinity appears in several branches of mathematics, and astronomy filosofía1, 2 referring to an amount no limit or end, as opposed to the concept of finitud.

In mathematics the infinite appears in several ways: in geometry, the point at infinity in projective geometry and the vanishing point in descriptive geometry; in mathematical analysis, infinite limits; and set theory and transfinite numbers. These concepts are different and not all of them correspond to the notion of infinity.

The infty symbol that was expressed to mathematical notation introduced by the English mathematician John Wallis (1616-1703) in one of his most important works: Arithmetic Infinitorum. It was inspired by the shape of the curve called introduced by Jacob Bernoulli (1655-1705) .5

It is also believed possible that the shape comes from other alquímicos or religious symbols, such as representations of certain uroboros snake.

It also wanted to see a band of Möbius in form, but the symbol was used for hundreds of years before August Ferdinand Möbius discovered the band that bears his name.

The infinity symbol is represented in Unicode with ∞ (U + 221E) character.


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