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Valentine's Day

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Today bloggers of we will talk about the celebration of Valentine's Day.

History of Valentine's Day

Today the bloggers of want to tell you the story of why we celebrate Valentine's Day as Valentine's Day.

To do this, we have to go back to ancient Rome, specifically, to the Lupercalia festivities, a Roman festival that honored Lupercus (protector of the shepherds and their herds), in which, according to the legend, the twins Rowing and Romulo, abandoned by his uncle on one of the seven hills of Rome, were welcomed and nursed by a wolf she had given birth in those days. Both were raised in a cave and when they were older they founded Rome becoming the founding fathers of Rome. Since then, every February 14, this feast of fertility was celebrated in which Lupercus and the wolf were honored. At this party the women were whipped with whips soaked in the blood of dogs and goats to increase their fertility. The Catholic Church, in an attempt to Christianize the lupercal feasts of fertility, used the life of Saint Valentine, achieving the gradual disappearance of these festivals.

But who was Valentine?.

Legend has it that in the year 270 BC the Roman emperor Claudius II prohibited young people from getting married because single men without children were better soldiers than those who were married and had family responsibilities.

Valentin was a priest who considered this prohibition to be absurd, so he challenged Emperor Claudius II, secretly marrying couples of young lovers. When the emperor learned of this fact, he called Valentin's palace, which instead of denying the facts tried to convince the emperor of the goodness of the Christian faith and that he was wrong to prohibit young lovers who could get married. The Emperor Claudius II sent Valentin jail before being beheaded.

While he was captive, Valentin fell in love with the daughter of the prison judge. This young woman was blind and Valentin asked God in his prayers that she could see him before he died. The day 14 of February was the chosen day for the execution. Valentin, on the way to the square where he was going to be executed, gave a paper to Julia where he processed his love and said goodbye to her signing as "Your Valentine", the young woman when she opened the paper recovered the view and could read the beautiful words what his lover had written to him. In gratitude for what Valentine had given him, he planted an almond tree of pink flowers next to the tomb of the one who had already become a Saint. Since then all February 14 is celebrated the Valentine's Day.

There are other versions of this legend, but this is the one accepted by the Church, which celebrated the feast of Saint Valentine for 15 centuries. In 1969 it was removed from the liturgical calendar, so it ceased to be a Christian holiday, a fact that did not prevent people from celebrating it since every year, on this date, we give our lovers with a special gift.

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