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Tips to keep jewelry clean

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Today the bloggers of Duarte want to give you some tricks so that your silver jewelry is impeccable and look more.

Tricks to make your jewelry look like new

Surely once you have gone to your jeweler to find a particular silver jewel and you have found that it was like rusted what has led you to consider if instead of being silver it was of another metal; Well, it is normal that silver jewelry that has not been used for a while should be like that; so the bloggers of we are going to give you some small tips to avoid that the silver jewels get ugly.

The first thing we must do with our jewelry to avoid getting dirty is to avoid direct contact with perfumes, creams, lacquers and any other products that carry chemicals since they cause the jewel in question to turn black (at best the cases) or that is definitely damaged. We must take special care if the jewel has natural stones since these are more sensitive than silver..

Another tip is that we should not shower with them; go to the pool; to the beach; or worse yet; put us in hot springs with them on since there is a chemical effect that makes the jewel go black and it is necessary to take it to a professional to have it cleaned.

Neutral soaps can be a great ally of our jewelry; whenever we want to clean them, what we should do is wash them well using this type of soap; rinse them and let them dry well before storing them. Once they are well washed and dried, it would be ideal to store them in a plastic bag with a Zip closure in our jewelry box, to avoid contact with air and humidity, thus preventing them from turning black. Never wash the jewelry with baking soda or with bleach as it would cause irreparable damage.

Another way to easily clean your silver and gold jewelry is to use a suede specially made for that purpose; in this case they would simply have to rub the jewel in question with this chamois and it would be totally clean and shiny. On our website you can buy one for only three euros!

It is also advisable not to manipulate the jewels; we must not force them, tighten them or make any kind of adjustment in them; If you have some problems with your jewelry it is best to go to a professional because silver is a very malleable metal that must be handled by professionals to avoid breakage.

If you ever have a problem with any of the jewelry purchased at, you should only contact us; do not take them anywhere else; we will solve the problem.

And to finish, whenever you have any kind of doubt with any of your jewelry, before doing anything, the best thing is that you go to a professional; He will always tell you what is the best solution. And if you have a jewel damaged by use with scratches, dents, blows etc. go to a professional because, with a good cleaning and a good polish you can enjoy it again.


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