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925 mm Sterling silver

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The bloggers of Duarte want to show you the meaning of 925mm Silver and some simple tricks to know that you are buying pieces of real sterling silver.

Meaning 925 mm silver

Surely you have ever wondered what the 925 digits that appear in all the jewels made in sterling silver mean; well at we have prepared a small post to discover its meaning and teach you how to acquire pieces of authentic sterling silver.

There are several degrees of purity of silver, depending on the actual percentage of silver contained in the jewel. We must bear in mind that pure silver is too soft, so it is necessary to combine it with another metal to be resistant. In jewelry we use silver alloys with copper, precisely to guarantee the strength and hardness of the jewels. The percentages of both metals are expressed in decimals of at least three digits and hence the real silver must bear the 925mm stamp; which explains that the piece is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. In Spain there are two types of official Sterling Silver

o   Silver of First Law (or silver 925 mm): the silver content must be equal to or greater than 92.5%.

o   Second Law Silver (or 800 silver): the silver content must be equal to or greater than 80%

In you can find an endless number of articles that have one thing in common; all of them are made in 925mm Sterling Silver.

Well, if you have read this little post carefully you will have already discovered the meaning of 925 mm silver; Now, the question of how to distinguish it in the real world is missing; as well; simply look for the piece that you are going to acquire the contrast and the 925mm digits; since all the pieces of silver of first law carry these badges.

Surely you have also wondered if it is the same thing a silver jewel of the first law that a plated or bathed in silver; as well; the answer is a resounding NO, let's briefly explain the differences:

Silver plated jewelry:

Silver-plated jewels are characterized by being made of a metal to which a silver plate is then applied so that it is covered. Thus; this kind of jewelry is made of other metals that are covered in silver; They do not meet the alloy percentage to be silver jewelry.

Silver bathed jewelry:

The silver- bathed jewels are characterized because they are made of a metal to which a silver bath is later applied. The minimum thickness that the silver layer must have to be considered as a quality bathroom is 0.02 millimeters; otherwise, the applied silver layer will disappear in a short time. The problem is that these baths with the sweat of the skin; the creams; perfumes etc usually lasts a short time.

So, the best thing to do is buy a Sterling Silver jewel, which will assure us the quality of it.

Surely you've heard, some jewels have a rhodium bath, and after what you just read, you'll come to the conclusion that this is bad; as well; A rhodium bath is good as long as the jewel in question is made of a precious metal; that is to say; silver and gold.

Many gems made in gold and silver have a rhodium bath to give them a special shine and make it more difficult to get dirty.

Rhodium is a metal of the platinum family; of a high economic value due to its scarcity. It is still used in gold and silver jewelry to prevent rusting and to create a protective film that makes jewelry take longer to scratch. It also allows you to give the jewel a white, black or pink finish.


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