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Hórreo Galos

Galician Barn

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Replica of a Galician granary built by the prestigious ceramic and porcelain Gauls.

Height: 16 cm
Depth: 7.2 cm
Width: 16 cm

What is a barn?

Granary is Latin horreum ( turn the ὡρεῖον Greek σιτοφυλακεῖον , ἀποθήκη barn ) , designating a building in which field crops , especially grain were stored. The word horror, - oris , horror, has the same root , so these buildings were dark and cold .

During the Empire the term was used to horreum anywhere aimed at preserving things of any kind , either wine ( vinearia horrea ) , goods and supplies ( horreum penarium ) or even money or art . Seneca said that his library was a horreum . The extended meaning of the word is the barn fruits and cereals. In addition to the underground horrea were two other more able to keep out moisture , one built on the surface and the other (called horrea pensilia or sublimia ) built on little feet of vertical rock on the ground.

The horrea public part of the public supply system of the cities of ancient Rome and the tax administration of the Empire. Were used for both tax collection and for the preservation of property that were not considered a safe in the home, or horreaticus . They were under a supervision of a responsible official named horrearius .

However, other authors believe that the current derived from a pre-Roman granary Orreo present in the place names and the hidronimia , and that it would have the meaning of silo for grain .


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